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5 Reasons Why Python is Best Language for Building Web Applications

Python has evolved as one of the most powerful programming languages present today. Open source object-oriented language with clear and simple syntax, it is a platform-agnostic language. This language is known for its quick turnaround time of application development and therefore it reduces time and cost to market.  In case you are going to start a new business, this is the right language for you.

When it comes at using python language for web development, there are many benefits of going for the language. Further in this article, we are going to discuss different advantages of using this language. Read on to know all.

Advantages of Using Python:

Python language is a favorite among the users for it pays a strong emphasis on readability and efficiency. In comparison to other languages like JAVA and PHP, it is more efficient and easy. It also shows a sign of stability and reliability. Here are different advantages of using python language.

  1. Python is Easy

    This is the first and the foremost reason why python is preferred over other languages. It has gained the reputation of being easy to learn and easy to use. The syntax of this language is designed to be readable.  It often seems that the language was designed for newbies. As the development of the website is easy, so is easy working on it. Another great thing about this language is its wealth and abundance of documentation.

  2. Python is Open Source and Driven by a Community

    Developed under an OSI-approved open source license, Python language is completely free. It is free to use and distribute, even for commercial purposes. Also, its development is driven by the community which collaborates for its code through hosting conferences and mailing lists. The community also provides for its numerous modules.

  3. A Broader Language

    Being a broader language, python makes the work easier for you to a greater extent. It has been in use for quite a long time now and is used in nearly every field of endeavor. The best part about using this language is a lot of work has already done on this language over a period of team. So, when you have to start something new, you do not have to do it with a scratch. There are already enough databases available to get the things started.

  4. Increased Productivity and Speed

    Who doesn’t like the work on pace? Though python is an interpreted language and thus deemed to work slowly, it works really fast because of the work done over the language over the past years to improve its performance. This is a very much popular benefit of using this language. It has clean object-oriented designing, providing enhanced process and control capabilities. It also possesses strong integration and text processing capabilities. Its own unit testing framework contributes to the increase in the speed and productivity. Due to all these reasons, python is considered the best option to build complex multi-protocol network application.

  5. An Efficient language

    This is also something that attracts everyone towards it. Python is much popular for its efficiency. When it comes to big data, a ton of mental energy is required. The more data one has to process, the more important it becomes to manage the memory one uses. This open source language provides generators. These generators allow for iterative processing of things, one item a time, whereas a normal iterative processing of a list requires a list. A list requires memory and a bigger list requires a lot of memory. Thus, python allows you to work efficiently, without consuming lot of memory.

These are the five main benefits of using this open source language. These main benefits are the main requirements of any business to get a smooth start. Once you get a smooth start, other things follow smoothly. So, if you want to get your work started without any impediments in the way, python is the right choice for you.

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