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Top Trends and Insights for Video Marketing in 2018

Video Marketing has emerged as a new age online marketing trend which has caused the digital world to adapt to a video-first approach. Statistics show that videos are being preferred over other visual content not just for getting a massive viewership but also to strategically get a brand’s message across to the intended audience.

In this post, we quickly dive into the history of online marketing a couple of years ago and how has it changed to mark the year of 2017 as the “Year of the video !”

It wasn’t too long ago when the marketing experts were found to be focusing on various online marketing strategies to gain media attention and customer acquisition, while the social media users were busy watching videos. Every day thousands of videos are watched on various video streaming and hosting platforms, and not just YouTube. From providing detailed guidance to use a product or learn a skill to informing and creating awareness on various topics, the entertaining world of videos is ever-expanding; thanks to this emerging trend in digital marketing!

There has been no doubt that videos are a great way to engage with the online community, especially with your customers and target audience. Video content marketing is in itself the most challenging, interesting, and engaging area of digital marketing. They are not just more popular among customers, but are much more widely used and are more effective, too. Online customers, as well as marketing professionals, admit that videos are a great way to engage online.

Benefits of Video Marketing

It’s not that this media has just emerged, but the idea only in the recent past. Although videos have been here for years, as the biggest part of the entertainment world, hardly a few businesses were using its power. A single browse through the various videos available on YouTube today, will suggest how vastly this tendency has changed. Today, everyone wants to be active online, either to showcase their talents, to promote their business, to reach out to the world, or share information. Around 65% of businesses use videos, and here’s why:

  • Videos help customers understand the product, according to more than 95% of businesses.
  • Around 75 %-80% say that it helped them increase the website traffic, resulting in an increase in sales.
  • Videos also helped in decreasing support call volume by half.

Reaching out to the Target Audience:

While your customers have been tired of getting promotional e-mailers from you, seeing promotional content on social media, reading blogs that link back to your contact page and services pages with irritating pop-ups of contact us today, get subscribed etc; they have confessed to clicking on videos and checking out your products.

Your consumers love insider videos, ‘How To Use’, as well as ‘Product Reviews’ videos. It’s easy to reach your prospective customers in any part of the world with the help of videos. Videos are also great for creating waves and can easily go viral online.

Here’s what a recent customer survey suggests:

  • Videos are an interesting and entertaining way to get acquainted with the brand/services.
  • Approximately 79% of users want to watch videos to learn about a product.
  • More than 91% customers watch explainer videos, out of which 84% are compelled to buy the service/product. (Source: Wizowl )

The year 2017 is the year of the video!

The future of content marketing is already here! There was a time when blogs were almost replaced by info-graphics. Today, hardly people want to look at long info-graphical content and crack the codes in its challenging manners. Videos have always managed to grab attention, but in recently this medium has found the attention of digital marketers.

Today, videos are not just being used for entertainment and information, but to create awareness about a brand. This medium has become one of the important elements of a brand’s identity.

Customers would rather watch a video when they want to know about a product, understand how to use it, or even check out if it’s the right thing for them.

Interestingly, this video trend is a big boon for companies. It is easy to attract customers through an engaging video, then other promotional content that plea them to check out the product or service. Product videos allow companies to showcase their products in a more lively way and lure customers to buy them. It is no surprise that the brands that use a video to help customers acknowledge the design and quality of their products have higher sales.

Video Marketing Strategies for 2017:

The ever-changing digital marketing trends have set us on a look-out for new and engaging ways to connect with the audiences. Designers, creative heads, and video editors continue to innovate and great opportunities are emerging. Your business may already have a video with hundreds of views on YouTube, but with the new trends emerging this year, it’s important to notch up your videos according to the latest trends.

Videos have not just made it easier to grab the attention of the target audience but also increase the word-of-mouth promotion with their eye-catching graphics and visual effects.

Consumers are more inclined to search a video than a social media post/blog/infographic. Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram video, and similar apps have used the video marketing strategy to engage their customers. Nowadays, 360° videos and virtual reality are popular amongst people. Moreover, YouTube and WhatsApp have made it easier to share videos with peers and acquaintances.

Viral Marketing Statistics in 2017

Video Trends and Statistics for Social Media in 2017

It has been observed that out of every ten, six minutes are being spent online. Brands are using this to their advantage and through apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube sharing videos with clients and customers. The challenge is the competition in this medium but with a clear-cut strategy, you can easily overcome it.

Two New Video Trends to try:

Elevator pitch-style introduction has become popular in business videos. Businesses are not only using videos to connect, get business, share information, solve problems of their customers, and to make an online brand identity. A video helps businesses sell their products with almost the same effect they would in a face to face meeting.

Conversational voiceover tracks are a great way to engage with the client as well as the audience. It has been observed that most consumers find a formal voice over not only boring but also chatty, thus, missing out on important data and an increased chance to stop the video before it ends. Conversational voice tracks help the viewer connect better. Customers find conversational voice tracks more relatable as well as persuasive than music or formal voiceovers.

Heard about video campaigns? Try one! Consult any renowned digital marketing agency who can understand the needs of your project and offer you innovative expertise in video marketing for startups as well as established businesses.

Share with us what kind of videos you, as a customer/client, would love watching…

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  • Stats said that in 2016 there were 2.34 billion social media users which could be increased to 2.67 billion till 2018. And in this digital era, online video marketing take over the traditional ways of marketing. And we all know that we loved to watch those animated videos which have some humor and inspires us. So I think social media is also the game changer in the market, to engage more and more audience to your business through animated videos.

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