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How to Generate Leads Through Social Media for your Online Business

Lead Generation Using Social Media

Branding is not the only thing you use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for. Today, social media is serving the main need of businesses, which is to generate leads, get sales and earn profits. Around 45% businesses claim that social media has reduced their costs. When used for lead generation, social media has helped increase the revenue for almost 24% businesses. (Sprout Social)

Social Media Optimization acts like a rocket. Once it gains momentum and starts to create a buzz online, there’s hardly anything which can stop a brand from getting leads and converting them into loads of profits. Here are some ways to help you achieve this goal…

  • Use targeted landing pages

    The first 8 seconds when a user lands on your website are the most crucial ones. It is in these 8 seconds a user makes up his or her mind about your products or services and whether he would trust you or not. Creating customized landing pages for the sole purpose of impressing your customers, creating awareness about your brand in such a manner that the customer chooses to trust you, and giving out the most relevant and the most important information that can help you achieve sales, can take your social media strategy at the next level. So whenever you include a link to your website, it doesn’t have to be the home page or the contact us page, but a customized landing page created for getting sales.

  • Implement Strong ‘Call to Action’

    A clear ‘Call to Action’ button can create a strong impact on the customer’s mind and help you get what you want. Need them to sign up a trial of your service? Make sure that your Call to Action button text is precise. Also, a common mistake found when using these buttons is its location. As we read left to right, a button located at the top left of the page can attract more action than a button at any other location. You can also test placements, instead of fixing it at a place where it is usually ignored. Use Call to Action buttons while promoting posts as well as on landing pages. You can use these buttons to help your customers email you, call you, download free information, subscribe, use the free trial, share your products with friends, get a quote, submit a query, buy products, and so on.

  • Special Offers/Discount Codes

    Everyone loves discounts, offers, and deals on products. A clear sales strategy can drive people up to your products, and to your brand’s website, and even help you make some customers that will remain loyal in the long run. These customers share your offerings and often speak about your service through word of mouth marketing and social media channels. Offers help in increasing traffic, which automatically results in more leads, more conversions, more sales, and more profits. Deals and discounts also help in creating awareness about the brand and about different types of services and products it offers. This means, a customer who was only buying one kind of product or service from you, will get an urge to try something else too. Besides, new customers will find their ways to your website…That’s the power of these kinds of campaigns!

  • Polls and Surveys

    Hosting polls and surveys are a great way to understand what your customers think about your brand and its products. Besides, adding some fun questions can urge your customers and social media followers to share the poll with their friends and thus, create not only an awareness about what is a hit amongst your customers but also let you reach more of your target audiences and understand what they are looking for. Offering some kind of incentive at the end of the poll and asking them to like or share the poll can also help in creating a better response rate.

  • Refer-a-Friend

    Referral campaigns are a great way to get yourself introduced to the friends and family of your present customers. Besides creating loyalty amongst your customers, it helps you drive more sales through word of mouth which is till date considered the most useful and efficient way of marketing. People tend to trust services and brands recommended by their friends or family, and thus referral campaigns can be a great way to drive more traffic and convert them into leads.

  • Paid Social Ads

    Advertising on social media platforms is an essential part of promoting your brand. Advertising with paid-ads, besides helping to reach more target groups, allows the brand to create a better user experience, where the customer sees relevant content. Replacing organic posts with promotional content helps you identify the most important elements of the content going on social media and lets your customers reach you in a more effective way. One can set criteria such as age groups demographic area, gender etc. while posting lead ads. This can help you leverage the social media platforms within a fixed budget to create more leads. Also, taking a look at Facebook Ads, it has been observed that the average cost per click for Facebook ads is much less than Adwords.

When it comes to lead generation using social media, LinkedIn has topped the list with 44% businesses relying on it. Following the lead are Facebook at 39% and Twitter at 30%. Let’s take a look at how to generate more leads through various social media platforms for your online business:

Generate Leads With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to promote your business, especially useful for B2B lead generation. The platform focused towards networking with professionals allows businesses to use it as a tool for generating tools. One can generate leads through the following strategies on LinkedIn:

  1. Offering free samples is a great way to engage interest.
  2. Using LinkedIn to promote your content and posts directly amongst the decision makers.
  3. Connect your LinkedIn account with SlideShare to create awareness and get traffic through it.
  4. Run a LinkedIn ad campaign and sponsor updates to engage with the right audience.

Generate Leads With Facebook

One in every six people online is using Facebook. It has been observed that 90% of people have their phones on them most of the time. Facebook has become a great tool to reach out to your target audiences, create awareness amongst them, and drive them to talk about your brand. This helps in lead generation.

  1. Starting campaign, polls, and contests to attract an audience.
  2. Creating a custom tab for contact forms.
  3. Treating your page as a lead generation tool and posting relevant content only.

Generate Leads With Twitter

Using Twitter to generate leads is still kind of a new thing. Before Twitter Cards hit the scene, a lot of businesses had no idea how to even get started with getting or tracking leads through Twitter. But these days, you’ve probably started to notice that Promoted Tweets (ads) are being given a little more priority in your stream. If you want to use Twitter for more than just growing your audience, follow these tips to get leads.

  1. Lead generation twitter card is a powerful tool for generating leads as well as capturing user interest.
  2. Tracking brand mentions can help you focus on your brand’s weak points and improve them for lead generation.
  3. Create events such as twitter chats and AMA (Ask Me Anything) and adding a call to action for the campaign can help you drive traffic and generate more leads.

These simple tricks and tips will prove useful in generating leads for your online business. Try them yourself or get social media optimization services from a new age tech company that can help you digitize your brand and get success online.

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